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How can I use an existing layout as a starting point without overwriting it?

Started by Erawal, December 26, 2017, 02:20:18 PM

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Hi, can someone please tell me how to use an existing layout as a starting point for creating my own layout without overwriting the original layout? 

I am looking for an"save as" option or an option to copy a layout (rather than edit a layout), but am not finding it.  Thanks!   I don't want to "ruin" the existing layouts inadvertently by my experimental editing. 

Also, would it be possible to make a library of user-created layouts available via this forum or within the app itself, so we could see the good ideas others have had?  I find it hard to creat layouts and to understand the different features available — it would be great to see how others have employed them.  I found a video one user posted of his creating a layout, and I thought it was very helpful.  More would be great!


— erawal


You can go to the Edit Details page of an existing layout and click the Copy button in the bottom toolbar. Select Copy In This Account, and change the name. Then you can edit this new layout without affecting the original.

I started a forum thread for posting layouts, but as you can see, nobody else has contributed:,1093.0.html

I think there are a couple forum posts here and there where people talked about interesting things with their layouts. A library is a cool idea, but a couple challenges would be the fact that layouts are only interchangeable between devices with the same screen size, and much of what's in a layout is functional and would require a written description from the creator to understand how they're using it.


Ah, thanks very much for pointing me to the COPY button for layouts.  I was looking for it in the wrong place (I would have expected it as an option under "Edit Layout" rather than "Edit Details."  But now that I know where it is, I can do just what I wanted to do.  Thanks!).   

And yes, good point about layouts being device-specific (also, I  imagine, some people create layouts that contain user-customized fields which wouldn't be usable for everyone -- though I'd also be interested to see what kinds of fields people create; there might be things that could be useful to others). 

Anyway, I realize that it's up to users to post if they've got stuff that's useful.  I would love to see some more detailed instructions (preferably via video) re how some of the myriad options available in the layout creation can be used to create useful layouts for particular purposes.  (Thanks to Mark Johnston, who posted one such video, here: -- I so appreciate when people take the time to share what they know.