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Annotations - is it possible to view and print them from the web interface?

Started by Erawal, December 26, 2017, 05:09:43 PM

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Hi, I just got an iPad pro with an Apple Pencil, which is making the annotations feature of BandHelper look more and more appealing.  I have experimented with annotating some of my song documents, and have a couple of questions (I searched the forum and the FAQ, and did not see them addressed):

1.  Is it possible to view my annotations when accessing the song from the BandHelper Web interface?  The annotations are not showing up when I look at the song document from my computer. 

2.  Is it possible to PRINT the annotated version of the document so that I have a hard copy?  (this may relate to Q#1).

3.  Is there an easy way to save an annotated document as a SEPARATE document, so that I have both the "clean" (un-annotated) and the marked up version available to me in BandHelper?




1 & 2) Unfortunately no. This has been on my wish list for a long time, but it has surprisingly few requests.

3) You would have to attach the original document to the song again, which would create a separate document item with the same underlying document but no annotations.


Thanks for your reply. 

Re: #3:  I'd like to request that there be a way within the BandHelper app itself to save the annotated document as a new file (i.e., that it not over-write the "clean" version).  Otherwise, I'd have to go back to my computer and hunt for where I stored the original unedited version of the song file, and then import it back into BandHelper.  It would be much easier to be able to simply do this from within the App.   Not a huge issue, but I thought I'd ask.

Thanks, as always, for your responsiveness.  Very much appreciated.



QuoteI'd have to go back to my computer and hunt for where I stored the original unedited version of the song file

If you can't easily find it on your computer, you can download it from the document edit page in the BandHelper website, then upload it as a new document.


In the new app version released today, you can go to Set Lists > [set list name] > Share Songs and then adjust the options to print or send a batch of songs as a PDF. Document annotations will be included in the output (except stickie notes, which are not yet supported). More info is in the release notes: