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Display lyrics without chords on projector

Started by metamorfosis18, January 06, 2018, 11:22:48 AM

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Coming from OnSong, I was able to display lyrics on a projector without chords for the audience, and still have chords over been displayed on my iPad. Is this possible with SetList Maker?

For what I can see, if you hide chords, they will be hidden on both iPad and the projector, forcing you to use the app to display lyrics and chords for yourself, or without chords for the audience, but not both.  :-\
Am I missing something?


There is currently no function to hide the chords on the external display while showing them on the main display. I can add that to my wish list.

Meanwhile, you could either add a separate document with your audience lyrics, and change Settings > General Settings > External Display > Content to Doc +1; or you could use a second device to drive the external display, hide the chords on that device, and use device linking to change songs on both devices simultaneously.


Good work arounds!  I have to think outside of the box a little more  ;D
Thank you, it would be awesome if you do added it to your wishlist!


This function was added a couple years ago and I didn't see that it was already on my wish list. On the Settings > General page, in the External Display section, you can set Fields to Lyrics, Chords or Both, and you can set Bracketed Chords (for chords embedded into the Lyrics field) to Above, Inline or Hidden.