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Control volume of video Playback

Started by Thorste, September 22, 2015, 10:37:59 AM

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In version 4.2 on iOS 9, is there a way to remotely control the volume of the video sound?
I know video is treated as a document in 4.2, but I was hoping to control the videos' audio by either midi or Bluetooth. In fact, I don't see a touch control for video volume.



No, but I'll try adding that in one of the next updates.


Well, I planned to add this for the next update, and did all the work on my end, but then I found out that the iOS framework I'm using for video playback doesn't allow apps to control the video volume. In order to support any volume control other than with the hardware buttons on your device, I will have to recreate the video functionality with a different framework. So unfortunately I will have to move this to my wish list until more people request it.


While reviewing my wish list, I found that this function has been available since I reworked the document viewer a few years ago. You can now use the Volume Sliders layout item or the Volume Up/Down app control actions to change the video volume.