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Color short break names

Started by Awash (drums), January 17, 2018, 03:02:24 PM

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Awash (drums)

Hi. Is it possible to give 'short break names' (translation from Dutch) a color? This could be the background or the tekst. This would help me a lot in my lay-out use. I use these to give myself notifications. I am a drummer and sometimes I have to pull down the strainer. I put a short brak name between songs as a reminder (also to put it on). It would be nice to give these a color so I recognise between songs such reminders better.

Awash (drums)

A screenshot to clarify.


Sorry, you can't change the color of the pauses (that's the term used in the English version), but you can make the text larger if you want. Edit your layout, then click the song list, then click its options button in the top right corner, then change Pause Name Size.

Awash (drums)