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How to display/export set list with all notes fields?

Started by Billb, January 23, 2018, 11:49:25 AM

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Hi there,
Is it possible to generate and/or export a single view which lists each song, along with its note field?

I use the notes field a lot for effects settings, hints to self etc. so this overall view would be really useful.


You can use the default More Controls layout, which shows the Notes field for the selected song, or you can add the Notes field to any layout to show the notes for the selected song, or add the Notes button to any layout to show the notes when you click the button.

You can't export a set list with your notes. Exported set lists just use one line per song and Notes is a multi-line field.

Does that help?


Thanks Arlo.  However, I'm looking for a way to see a list of songs with their individual note fields at the same time.  Either in a design layout or even if I could just export the raw song name and associated note field as a csv or similar that would work as I'd just chuck it into a word table.
Anyway, no dramas if I can't do it but thought I'd ask.


In BandHelper, you could use the website to export your entire Songs list with notes and set that up for display in Excel or Word. Otherwise, there's no way to display notes for multiple songs at the same time. You can only see the notes for the currently selected song.

If you use the custom fields instead of the Notes field, then you would have a lot more options.