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Seeking KORG PA3X users - midi control codes from BandHelper

Started by Mr. K. Ross "Kim" Gardner, January 26, 2018, 12:50:51 PM

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Mr. K. Ross "Kim" Gardner

Is there another user who is using BandHelper to perform with a KORG PA3X arranger keyboard? If so I am curious to know how your integration journey has gone with regards to sending control codes via midi to select your STYLE changes, VARIATION changes, transpositions, ensemble setting, etc. etc.

I use a 4 switch AirTurn pedal and a Digit III  and would like to maximize the use of them both. I also have a KORG EC5 pedal and a midi 1 octave ROLAND bass pedal so as an organist, I am both comfortable with foot pedal coordination and with well-placed hand controls. I have not done a lot of DAW midi control with my Korg PA1Xs or my present PA3X since I do not always have my Native Instrument Komplete 10 Ultimate connected.

At this point in time, I simply seek advice and guidance from a user who has put BandHelper together with a PA3X to avoid any unnecessary challenges you can guide me around. After conquering such technology, I'm sure you would like to collaborate with another similar user.