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Probably A Dumb Question, But...

Started by TimH, January 23, 2018, 09:57:32 AM

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I'm a little confused about something. Our core band is 7 members, but we will have subs or additional members from time to time. How do I enter the "unofficial" band members so I can track what I pay them? Do I have to add every potential guest artist as a "User," and then check the boxes on or off depending on who's joining us? Is there a way to just add them for ONLY the gigs they're on? And is there a way to do all this without subjecting them to emails? I'm all for transparency, but I'd rather not burden occasional guests with BandHelper emails. Any help would be appreciated.


You have two options:

1) Enter these players as BandHelper users, and assign them only to the gigs they're a part of. They will only get emails for those gigs. They can use BandHelper with this approach, and you will need an account large enough to add all of them (but you can deactivate them if they're not playing for a while).

2) Don't enter those players as users, and track their pay as expenses in the Finance module. You can set up a Personnel category to track that, or set up a separate category for each player.

I use a mixture of both: option 1 for people who aren't full-time members but do join us regularly, and option 2 for people who only join us once or twice a year.