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iOS vs. Android

Started by arlo, February 02, 2018, 09:18:13 AM

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Occasionally someone doesn't yet have a tablet and asks which platform is best to run my apps. Here are some pros and cons of iOS vs. Android, in my experience:

  • Most iOS bugs are caused by the major OS update released each year. Most Android bugs are caused by the variations between different device brands. I'm committed to fixing bugs on both platforms, but the Android bugs are often less predictable and harder to reproduce.
  • Many Android devices can't install recent OS updates, and some can't install any OS updates at all. This means if there are any bugs caused by the Android OS, you might be stuck with them. In contrast, iOS devices can install OS updates for up to five years (but I recommend stopping after three years to avoid performance problems).
  • My apps have a few features that are only available on iOS: multi-route audio, inter-app audio, MIDI data files and more document formats. Android versions older than 6.0 had limited MIDI device compatibility.
  • More people use my apps on iOS than Android, so the iOS versions are typically what's shown in screen shots and demo videos. However, the two interfaces are almost identical.
  • The Android market is more phone-oriented than iOS, so you might find fewer good apps to use on an Android tablet than an iOS tablet.
  • Some Android devices are cheaper than iOS devices, but you will need to spend a comparable amount to get comparable performance. A high-quality Android device costs as much as an iOS device.

Bottom line: I wouldn't discourage you from getting an Android device if you're invested in that ecosystem and you are prepared to buy one of the more expensive models. If you're not loyal to either platform, I'd recommend iOS.

At this time, I think the best overall value in tablets is the 10.2" iPad for $329: