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MIDI and Set List Maker Troubleshooting

Started by Lamington, November 05, 2013, 09:53:01 PM

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I need some ideas to help me solve a connection issue between Setlist Maker and Main Stage.

I have an iPhone 5 on iOS7 I'm using as a MIDI controller for Main Stage on my MacBook Pro. The Mac adapters and USB MIDI interface cable I've created works just fine with every other MIDI app I have on my phone.

To be clear, the iPhone is the controller sending MIDI data to Main Stage. I have been using this in live settings with no probs at all. Tweaking faders on patches, playing crappy solos on iPhone-sized keyboards... never misses a beat. All the MIDI data I've been sending to Main Stage from my phone has been received without a glitch.

When I discovered Setlist Maker I had every hope that things would work just as well. The ability to send simple MIDI Patch change data to Main Stage was incredibly appealing.

Sadly, I cannot get Setlist Maker to send any data... and I mean ANY ...that Main Stage will interpret as MIDI. I lost a whole day today trying to get them to talk together.

The weird thing is, whenever I try selecting a song with a midi patch change number while in performance mode, the MIDI data LED on my MIDI interface lights up to tell me that, yes, MIDI data has been sent down the line. In Main Stage however, there's nothing. No sign of anything being received.

If I instantly change apps on my phone to a MIDI keyboard, Main Stage receives all note data and I'm playing a tune.

I swap back to Setlist Maker, try changing songs with MIDI patch change numbers in them, and Main Stage goes deaf.

I'm wondering - what do I need to do to make SLM and MS be friends? I've watched every video on YouTube of people having great success with SLM changing their patches up easily. I

Help appreciated!


It would be best to follow the instructions under Requesting Help on this page so I can see your setup:

Be sure to include the specific steps you're taking to send MIDI data (what buttons you're tapping).