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Request: EITHER play MIDI tracks OR enable automation learn from incoming stream

Started by cpwaites, May 04, 2017, 01:24:44 PM

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This has been discussed elsewhere, though this covers issues across several different prior threads, so I thought I would create a new one.  We have been using BandHelper for set lists, notes and audio playback for some time.  Arlo, it is a truly great app.   :)

We are finally about ready to move to the next step of automation, using MIDI to control lights and send the necessary in-song commands to a vocal processor and mixer (for FX).  So I know that I can do this with automation.  And I know that I can, in theory, do it using Sweet MIDI Player.   Each has its drawbacks.  With automation the problem is the arduous task of manually creating every track, not to mention the further difficulty if I want to change something.  Ideally, I could just edit my MIDI track in Logic and then upload the new MIDI track.  Of course, I could do that with Sweet MIDI Player, but then I have to deal with the lag in starting the MIDI track, which causes everything to be out of sync (unless someone has solved that...?).

So this is a long way of getting to the point:  It would be great to either bring the MIDI playback functionality into BandHelper to solve the start sync problem OR enable the automation learn from an incoming MIDI stream.  Then creating and updating would just be a matter of playing the MIDI track into BandHelper.  Oh, and I know that I could easily do this using a PC and using BandHelper to trigger the file in a PC.  Really trying to avoid adding a PC to the rig!    8)

Thanks again, Arlo.


I'm not aware of a lag when playing through Sweet MIDI Player. Can you say more about that?

Also, your MIDI files would consist only of MIDI commands, no audible notes, right?


The lag issue as was discussed in a couple of prior threads.  Here is one.  I could not readily find the other.,991.msg3152.html#msg3152
The issue is that when the song is selected and that action also both starts a recording and sends the "FA" command to Sweet MIDI Player, the recording starts slightly before the MIDI track.  If this has been solved, that would be great.  I just did not see it.

The MIDI track would include notes being sent to the vocal processor to control the harmonies and likely also to the light program as well, which interprets those as commands to change scenes. 

Here is a prior thread on a similar topic:,511.msg1957.html#msg1957


That first thread says the delay was going to be eliminated two years ago, but I don't know if it actually was. That would be worth a try.

Meanwhile, I'll put this on my wish list. Playing MIDI files that only send out MIDI messages would be easier to implement than playing MIDI files that are supposed to generate sound directly from the app.


To be clear, I don't need the app to generate sound.   I just need to send MIDI note commands to another app.   Perhaps there is no distinction there, though it seems to me there is as there is no sound generator involved. 



In the new app version released today, you can attach an SMF file (.mid) to a recording and then it will play in sync with that recording. Details are in "To sync a Standard MIDI File with a recording" on the Sending MIDI page: