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Is it possible to create scenes and attach media files to text like in OnSong?

Started by Deborah, February 02, 2018, 04:15:53 PM

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I have been struggling with OnSong crashes and not getting much help from their support team and so am looking at BandHelper instead.  I want to attach media files to sections of text.  In OnSong this is referred to as scenes.  We connect via Bluetooth to BeatBuddy acting as slave.  I use the BeatBuddy foot pedal to start and stop the songs.  We want to use a mirrored screen image as an onstage backdrop, which will consists of jpg's and mp4's that scroll with the text.  (We don't want the text to be displayed.)  Can I do this with BandHelper?


I'm not sure exactly what effect you're going for or how OnSong works in this regard, but I think what you want to do is attach your JPEGs and videos to each song. These would be considered documents, and instructions for adding them are here:

Then you can change Settings > General Settings > External Display > Content to Document to show only the documents on the external display.

Then you can change between the documents manually, by clicking a footswitch to advance to the next one, or by programming automation tracks that change them at the designated times. Automation tracks are only useful if you're playing with a click track or a backing track so your timing is exact.

Hopefully that will give you a good start.


Thank you for this info.  I need to know how to program the automation track to change the attached documents at a designated time.  Is this done by assiging midi to the documents or creating tags or something else?