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User specific html coded documents for each song.

Started by appressman, February 06, 2018, 04:33:43 PM

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Hi Folks,
The Naked Knees loves the ability to each have user specific documents attached to a song.  The bassist has his tabs as the default doc for the song but the rest of us see a PDF of the lyrics as an example.  We also like the color coding and easy revision of the built in Lyric, Chord and Note fields.  Alas, if one of us uses those the others can only see that document.  It would be great to have those fields user specific as well.   I thought I could work around by copying the <> content of those fields to preserve the span tags etc and make user specific external HTML docs to attach and not use the built in fields but, sigh, Bandhelper won't import HTML files.

is there a work around someone has discovered?

Arlo - is HTML document reading on the wish list?



Do you mean you want different people to see different versions of the Lyrics, Chords or Notes fields? If so, individual users can turn on the Settings > Account Sync > Personal Sync settings for these fields. It's usually best for someone to leave these off and maintain "default" values for these fields, and then only the people who need to override these values can turn the personal sync settings on.

More info is on this page: