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Whats the meaning of "Labels" in the Song section

Started by Sonnyboy666, February 11, 2018, 11:38:14 PM

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Hello to you all,

at first sorry for my bad english, I'm from germany, and I am using BandHelper for about two weeks now.
It's a great piece of software with a lot of functions and I am still looking and testing.
There is one thing i didn't understand, yet.
What is the meaning of the field "Labels" in the Song section?
Can someone explain me for what it is used for?
Or give me some examples for "Labels"?

Thank you,



What's the German word for the field you're looking at?


Thank you, I got it.
The german word for label is "Etikett".
I switched BandHelper to english and the field was "tags".
Now it's clear to me.


Okay. Is there another word that would have made the translation more clear?


I Think "Genre" would describe it. But "Art" or "Liedart" world be a more General German description for the Field.
The Perfect german Translation for "tags" is "Stichwörter"


Thanks, I'll ask the translators to consider this.


Hi Sonnyboy666,

I am one of the translators and I can give you some background:

The tags field is multiple choice so you can add more than just one to each song. "Genre" or "Liedart" ("Song type") would imply a selection only and be too restrictive. We know from other users that this field is used in different ways, e.g. to mark who is singing the song or which guitar the player wants to use. So we tried to keep the translation as common and as close to the original English phrase as possible. And we also had to keep in mind word length: German words tend to be longer than English and often do not fit the smaller screen space on phones. The German word "Labels" (meaning tags you put to something to give info, NOT the record labels that publish music) seems the best compromise. And it fits the associated visual icon which shows - a label :-)


Okay, thank you. I got it.
I think the problem was that I didn't know what the field "Labels" was for.
Thank you for making this clear.