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Solved. SLM and Bandhelper crashing Mid Song.....This is why.

Started by Moon Dog, February 11, 2018, 08:03:11 PM

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Moon Dog

Hey everyone...almost Valentines Day...don't forget your Lover.

So I have had the experience where SLM and Bandhelper have Stopped/Crashed in the middle of song at my shows.
It is fairly terrifying and hopefully this solution I found will help insure that this never happens to you.

It appears to have to do when you have an automation track that calls out for a Midi Preset that isn't present. How does this happen when you need the Midi Presets to create the automation. Great Question.

How this happened the latest time I had this issue was, I had two presets that I was testing to see which one I liked best. Initially I picked P32. And created the automation.

Then I decided I didn't like P32 after all and I went in and replaced it with P31 directly in the Automation.
Then I was editing something in the song file and decided to clean out the Midi Presets that were not being used in the song.....but I accidentally deleted P31!!!

So now I had a mismatch between my automation and my presets.
Sure enough at the exact time when that preset was being "Called" Bandhelper crashed.

I put the preset back and everything works perfect.

I have tons of songs and work late into the night and I just goofed may happen to you too.
So remember the lesson I had to learn the hard way.

Oh and don't make any last minute changes after dress rehearsal. Thats when I decided to update and clean up. Big mistake.


Moon Dog


I can look into that and fix the crash if that happens. Was that with iOS or Android?

Moon Dog

iOS....something as simple as

If Preset is missing
Automation track ignores.




I couldn't reproduce the problem. I recorded an automation track that calls a specific MIDI preset, then I tried removing the preset from the song, and deleting the preset completely. In both cases, the automation track just called the first preset attached to the song. I tried removing all the presets from the song and then the automation track just didn't do anything.

Can you recreate the problem and then submit a help ticket?