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scrolling midi presets

Started by tropx, March 05, 2018, 11:26:49 AM

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Hi. Is there a way to scroll through the midi presets when making an automation track? I have some music that is rather long... medley etc., but can only fit a fixed number of midi presets based on the size of my tablet screen. I need to add a few more presets sometimes and scroll through the list. Any chance of doing this?



Whether you're clicking and holding the single MIDI button to show the popup menu of presets, or you have the Multiple MIDI Buttons in your layout, you can scroll through the list of presets to see them all.


Hmm, I'll be darned. I tried to scroll through the presets the other day because I couldn't see them all and it would not scroll so I wound having to removing the ones I couldn't see from the song.
I just created a new song and loaded it with about 40 presets and it worked fine.

Probably this tablet, it does some strange things sometimes. The MIDI won't connect to SLM correctly if I remove the keyboard from the tablet part.

However, it's worked with Setlist Maker for over a year without any problems. (connected to the keyboard)

Steve D