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Adding more than one device

Started by jakeoch, March 10, 2018, 12:39:49 PM

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I tried searching to see if there was another topic on this and couldn't find it. If this is a duplicate post I apologize.
I have an iconnect midi kit to go from my iPhone to my Kurzweil. I also utulize MainStage 3 on my MacBook. I've already tested the bluetooth connection between SLM and my MacBook and MainStage responds very well to the midi sent by SLM.

My question is it possible to add two devices one being that iconnect kit going from my iPhone to my Kurzweil and the other being a bluetooth connection from SLM to my MacBook? or can it be only one or the other?

What my end goal is I want SLM to be able to send separate MIDI Presets, one going to the Kurzweil and the other to MainStage.

Any help would be much appreciated :). Thanks


I think you can send MIDI over USB and Bluetooth at the same time. Can you try it and see?


Oh sorry I worded my post wrong. I should have said I have an order in for an iconnect midi kit. I will definitely try it once I receive it this week and report back here. Just was curious to see what others thought. Thanks for replying to me and I will test and post back on here this week if it works or not :)