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Auto-Download Files Feature Question

Started by soonerrob, March 15, 2018, 09:56:19 AM

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First off I want to say that this app is crazy.. By far the best app I've ever found for band stuff, for me, because of all of the customization that is possible. Love the layouts!

I was wondering if there is a way with the Recording Button (The speaker icon), to get it to light up if there is any attached recordings, instead of only lighting up after a file has been downloaded locally?

I have some band members that disable the Auto-Download Files feature to save space on their device. From what I can tell this means that the Speaker Icon will never be lit up until they touch the button and see if there is a file available for download.  Is there a way to have the button light up when a file is present on in the database/website to signal the user that there is a file(s) available?

Or is there a better button for me to put on my layouts that you could just click and see a list of attached recordings and then be able to choose the one to download/play?

Thank you

Rob J


In the Repertoire > Songs list, the recording button will be completely hidden if no recording was ever attached. But it sounds like you're looking for something in the set list view.

In that case, you can tap and hold the button. Then if a popup appears listing the attached recordings, you can select one to download it. If nothing happens, then no recording was attached. Does that help?

I'm glad you are liking BandHelper overall!


Thanks! it does help a bit because i not aware of being able to hold the button to access multiple files.

Yes I was looking for it to use in a layout I created for a Songs to Learn smart list. It lights up if there is a song present locally on the device, but I was wondering if it showing up or lighting up could be trigger by an existing file present in the system instead of locally.. that way the members that have turned off Auto-Download would still see the button lit up to signal them that files are attached for the song they are viewing then they would know to touch the button and be prompted to download the song.  The way it is now is kind of a guessing game for those that have turned off Auto Download.


Sorry when i say song i meant recordings


I understand. I'm afraid it would be more confusing to make the button appear active if the recording is not available on the device (even if it is just a download away), but I'll give it some more thought.


Maybe it could not show at all, like on the song list, if there is no recordings attached. Appear but be greyed out, like it is now if a local file isnt present, when there are attached recordings available but not downloaded, and Blue or lit up when a file is present local?


The icons used to disappear in the set list view if no file was attached, but it looked odd to have them appearing and disappearing when changing from song to song, especially with larger icons. The big empty area looked odd and some people thought it meant something was broken.


With yesterday's release, the button for a document or recording will appear active if the file exists, even if it hasn't been downloaded to the device yet. In that case, clicking the button will still prompt for a download as it did before.

All of yesterday's changes are listed here: