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Annotations from STM to Bandhelper

Started by damchi, March 17, 2018, 02:36:30 AM

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We are a 5 member band and have been using STM for 2 years. Now we want to start using Bandhelper.
I succesfully put all documents, songs, ... in bandhelper website. Even my layouts and annotations.
Is there a way to put annotations from all the other band members also? From SLM to BH.

Thank you,


Were you syncing the annotations between users, from the Settings > Database Sync > Sync Contents settings?

If yes, then they should have all been imported with your Set List Maker data.

If no, then unfortunately you can only import one user's annotations.


No, because the Sync option is not working from January 2018.

So if I understand, they will have to go through all the songs and make annotations on BH all over again.
Ok, I will let them know ;-)

Thank you


I mean before the sync service stopped in January, were you sharing the same annotations using the default settings, or did you turn off Settings > Database Sync > Sync Contents > Document Annotations so that each user had their own separate annotations?

If the annotations were shared, then they will all be imported. If you were not sharing the annotations, then you can only import one set of annotations and will have to re-enter any personal annotations that are different from those.