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How BandHelper automate SoftDrummer iOS app?

Started by Bkpgeral, April 22, 2018, 05:32:32 PM

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Hi, I play guitar with iPad and would like to use BandHelper synchronized with SoftDrummer (drum machine) for live use, where each song letter in BH is connected to a rhythm and speed in SD.
How would you do this (step by step), can you teach?
Thank you


You'd have to find out what MIDI messages SoftDrummer can respond to and what actions those can trigger. Then you can follow these instructions to enter the necessary MIDI messages into BandHelper:

I can help with the BandHelper setup, but you'll need to consult the SoftDrummer documentation or support to find out what MIDI messages it uses.


Hi Arlo,
I just found out the commands below.
Softdrummer is a promising app, but their support is somewhat relapsed.:-/

Soft Drummer
MIDI Controls:

Midi Note G2: Play / Stop
Midi Program Change: SoundSet
Midi CC 0: Bank
Midi CC 7: Master Volume
Midi CC 11: Swing
Midi CC 32: Rhythm
Midi CC 91: Reverb Gain

— Live Pad Midi Controls:
C3 to G3 : Select Pad
C2: Fill
D2: Fill for the next Pad change
E2: Fill for every Pad change
A2: Fill & Start / End.

– Song Mode Controls:
Midi Note A2: Preview Song
Midi Note D2: Next Song
* Double press to edit a part or song
* Long press to move parts or songs


Is "Midi Program Change: SoundSet" what you're looking for? I'm not sure, but that sounds likely. You would still need to find out how the MIDI program numbers map to the programs or sounds available in that app. Then you can set up presets as described in the tutorial above and attach the presets to your songs.


Thank you friend, I am waiting for the SoftDrummer developer return.
Anything new, put here, maybe it might interest other users.