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Question about recording playback

Started by chuskey, January 01, 2017, 10:09:04 PM

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I was hoping to replace a Digitech Jamman with the recording feature on BandHelper.  I just use the Jamman for playing back backing tracks and not for recording loops. 

Hardware wise I am using a Line 6 Helix and will connect to an iPad Air 2 via Lightning to USB 3 adaptor. 

I need to be able to trigger playback of recordings via midi mapping with the Helix.  In addition some songs will have multiple recordings. 

For instance there will be an intro, middle, and ending recording.  I'll need to be able to toggle between them with the Helix.

A couple of particulars:

When toggling from the intro to the middle section the intro needs to finish playing before going to the middle section.  That way I don't have to have perfect timing when switching recordings.  Lastly in this example the intro and ending will be one shots, but the middle section will need to loop until I trigger the ending recording.

Is this possible?



This kind of idea was discussed in detail here:,1134.0.html

The short answer is no, BandHelper can't do this. However, most audio apps can run simultaneously on iOS, so you might find another app that has the audio functionality you're looking for and use it with BandHelper as the controller and information displayer.


Thanks for the reply. 

I read through the thread you referenced.  I had looked at TRAX, but the lack of MIDI support kind of killed it.  I've looked at Loopy HD, Beatmaker 2, ShowOne, along with about any other backing track or looping app I could find.

Have you or anyone else on the forum found a solution for this?

BTW, great job on BandHelper/SetlistMaker.  Really amazing tool!


sorry to bump an old topic, but i just found an app today: Quantiloop Pro.

this is a 4 track looper that is AMAZING. you can save presets (different songs, store your loops), load in external tracks, tons of options for the actual looping functionality.

i even got BH to send MIDI commands to Quantiloop to change Presets and even Start playing, etc.

however there's a slight problem: even though i have "Let other apps play audio in background" turned on in Audio & MIDI, for some reason this particular app fades out and stops playing when i switch from it to BH. the app also puts the RED BAR on the top of iOS showing it's recording (even if it's just playing back) so perhaps it's a limitation of the app itself?

any insight on this one Arlo? this is almost PERFECT to use with just one iOS device - select a song in BH, it selects the preset in QL (this currently works), then record automation or use a BH button to play different loops/tracks as needed (the functions work, but audio isn't allowed).

for now i'm going to explore using 2 iOS devices - one for lyrics, then another for QL. i found a free app called midimittr that will allow 2 iOS devices to link for MIDI control via Bluetooth :O


Nice find. My app can let other apps keep playing in the background, but the other app still has to take advantage of that opportunity. The default for an app is to go to sleep in a few seconds, but playing audio is one of the most common situations where iOS lets an app keep running if it wants to. So if the developer of Quantiloop Pro doesn't already include this option, it should be easy for them to add it.


Ahh it IS an option in Quantiloop! I just have that red bar on the top of iOS that pushes things down a bit, but that's a small consolation.

So now I have a preloaded Preset with up to 4 loops in QL. BH calls up the correct preset via MIDI. Layout/Song Select or other actions start the first loop when I want. I run loops as Serial mode meaning verse chorus etc. and I start the next loop while the current is playing and the next section begins when the previous loop ends! All with one phone - Lyrics, multiple loops for stretching sections live if I want to, or I could just load the full song in either BH air QL. Or maybe even set up automation tracks :O

Wow this is HUGE. I've been looking for this solution for a very long time and it's finally here.