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midi integration with ShowXpress

Started by midnightband, December 20, 2017, 06:47:26 PM

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I've been trying to use Band Helper to controlling lighting through ShowXpress.  They show how easy it is to set up a midi controller board and use it with ShowXpress, but I can't figure out how to set up Band Helper Midi so it would communicate.  Any suggestions?


What have you done so far and where did you get stuck?

Moon Dog

I control my lights from Bandhelper via Midi...

I had to buy some intermediate gear to do it with. I did not want to be hauling around my laptop.

Look up Midi to DMX.....

You still use Showexpress to design your light shows by the way.

Good Luck it took me a long time to get this all working.



Hi Moon Dog:  I'm curious, what do you use for MIDI to DMX, and any general advice on good versus clunky solutions you may be aware of?  (I also want to avoid interjecting a laptop.)