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Smart copies not filtered-in to Songs list

Started by JerryK, May 07, 2021, 04:47:22 PM

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Not sure if this is a problem, so it's not a support ticket.
I have a long list of Songs, which includes some Smart Copies.  There is also a Tag, called SC, which I tick for Smart Copies.  I like to see in a Setlist if a song is a Smart Copy or not.  Is that important?  Maybe.
On displaying that list of songs on PC, I chose that SC Tag to filter by, expecting to see all my Smart Copies of songs.  I got none.
Should I expect that behaviour?  I'm not sure.

"Hide Smart Copies" is not selected and of course they appear until I choose that SC Tag.


This is a current limitation of smart copies -- they cannot be filtered separately from their original copies. Basically when you do a search, you're really just searching the original songs, and any smart copies appear along with them. This is on my wish list to improve upon, but it's a tricky problem and so far only one other person has mentioned it.

If you want to see if a song in a set list is a smart copy, your "SC" tag method should work assuming you are showing the Tags field in the layout. But filtering for that tag won't work.


We change the color (of the song title) for our Smart Copies, which makes it easy to see what's a Smart Copy in a set list.


That's a valid plan.  I use colours already but I'll consider it. Thanks


The new app version 2023-02-24 reworks the way smart copies are stored, so you can now filter and sort them separately from their original copies.