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Simple How-to question

Started by e8n, April 21, 2018, 10:48:50 AM

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I've been using Bandhelper for a while now and have kind of hit my stride with it to do a lot of my basic setup stuff via Midi.  I want to start tweaking some things and I'm looking to find out how others are doing it.

I have a setting on my Nord for a B3 with distortion setup as a preset.  I would like to use that and add a control to it that would throw the rotary speaker setting to being fast.  Do I have to create a 2nd setup with the extra control sequence or is there a way I can put that control change on the song itself?

Thanks for the help!



I think what you're asking is can you set up a MIDI preset that you might want to use for many songs and you don't want to tie it to particular songs. In that case, yes, you can create that preset and attach it to a layout instead of to a song. Then that preset will be included automatically in the list of presets for every song when viewing that layout.