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Website / wordpress integration for Setlists

Started by rollercoaster, January 14, 2016, 12:09:46 AM

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Hi - great application - I've converted most of the band to it... 60-70 high end functions a year.  It's made a huge difference to gigs.  So thank you!

QUESTION:  The setlists for the band are often moving forward - I create new ones based on a 'template'.  I would like this to be viewable by clients on my website - i.e.. on my band website 'Songlist' page, there would be a feed, or live link to the actual setlist we use (on Bandkeeper).  I don't want to have to export new setlist to PDF's or jpegs, as it is more time intensive.  The best example, is the diary page, which I link to the Google Calendar feed.

Is this possible, or are there any plans to make it so?

Many thanks,


All right, I'm glad you like BandHelper.

I was thinking of adding a set list feed feature similar to the calendar feed I added recently (,1146.0.html). I was planning to wait and get some more feedback on the calendar feed before extending that idea to set lists. I'll post back here whenever I end up adding a set list feed.


Our band would use this feature also Arlo.

We love to give our fans the option of looking on our website from their cell phones, during a performance, and allowing them to request songs they want to hear.  This feature can be a tool to generate tips also.  Our band is constantly adding, and rehearsing, new songs in BandHelper and it would be an awesome feature to be able to share our progress with our fans automatically in this way.  There are many songs that we perform, but our fans are unaware of them.  This would add an element of interaction that we currently don't have.


Yesterday's release adds a set list widget that you can use to embed one or more set lists or smart lists into your website. Details are in the second section on this page:

All yesterday's changes are listed here:


Wow Arlo, that looks awesome. Thanks for adding that capability to the app.


Great feature, thank you.

When I was reading the documentation I immediately started to wonder if the list comes as "fixed" HTML or if there would be any chance of fetching just the data and do the presentation myself...and there is! It's awesome that you also provide the data in JSON format. I'm pretty sure I'll find some usage for it sooner or later. Thumbs up.


Wordpress does not seem to like javascript copied into pages, and I can probably hack it in there, but I was wondering if there is a simple way to add the setlist widget to a page that I am missing. Is a plugin the best option?



The two options are to embed the widget (which is a JavaScript file reference) or write your own code to connect to the JSON feed and present the data. You could do the latter with client-side or server-side code, so that might be a better option.