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Bandhelper and Keys & Git

Started by Nordi, May 18, 2018, 11:06:32 AM

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Bandhelper works with my Clavia Nord Stage EX, Roland Jupiter 50 and Alesis VI 61. The rack on left side is the home from Yamaha Motif Rack, Alesis Submixer and 8 chanel DI-Box. On the right side is the Boss GT10 with two Mesa Boogie Stomp Boxes. Under the Keyboards are 5 Pedals, 3 Sustain and two Expressionpedals. Near the Boss GT10 are two pedals for switching Bandhelper. Not on picture is the Lightmixer for DMX Lights. Bandhelper is the Boss of all 😊


Looks like you have a lot to keep yourself busy with there!  :D


Good programming with Bandhelper is the half work on stage 😂