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BandHelper with footswitch control

Started by Trace, July 12, 2018, 02:39:15 PM

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One of the things that I have had trouble with while using BandHelper is starting the autoscrolling for lyrics and manually scolling up or down if we wind up playing a little faster or slower than normal.  I just bought the Airturn Stomp 6.  I only need 5 of the 6 buttons but I may find use for the last button later on.  Once paired, you can go into the settings for BandHelper and assign a particular button to a particular function.  I'm using the following:

Button 1: Next Song
Button 2: Previous Song
Button 3: Unused
Button 4: Scroll Lyrics Up
Button 5: Scroll Lyrics Down
Button 6: Start/Stop Autoscroll

This will give me the onstage control I need without having to stop playing to get things where I need them.  I hope this helps others.



I am also using a Stomp 6 with BandHelper.

I have the same settings as Trace.
I use use the sixths button to start/stop the Metronom.
Because when I am beginning to play alone in a song and I am not sure about the tempo, this is a great help!


I use an iRig BlueBoard (4 buttons). These are currently set to:
1. Previous page/song
2. Reselect (Restart) song (scrolls to top, restarts scroll and metronome)
3. Next page (Scroll down)
4. Next song

So to go backwards several songs, press 1, 2, 1, 2, ... (not 111111111...)


Also using a Stomp 6 configured:

1.  Previous Song
2.  Next Song
3.  Metronome on/off
4.  Open/Close document
5. Previous Page
6. Next Page