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Sharing Layouts?

Started by Moon Dog, January 30, 2018, 05:17:05 PM

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Moon Dog

Here is my scenario.
Create a new Project
Create a new Set List
Add some songs to the Project
Add some songs to the Set List
OK good to go.
Add a user to the Project
They can see the Project/Songs/Set List/....but where have the layouts gone?
Driving me crazy


Not sure what you mean. You can control which users see each layout by editing the layout details and changing the Users field. Does that answer your question?


I am having the same exact problem.  I have shared a layout with all users in a new project. When they go to pick a layout, there are no layouts available.   I reported this last week to support and was told I needed to share the layout.  I checked my settings again for that layout.  It is assigned to the new project, and all band members are picked.  I'm getting ready to open another ticket.

Tinto Verano

There are layouts in portrait mode and landscape mode.
Maybe you created and shared a layout in portrait mode but the band member uses the app in landscape mode only.
Does the layout appear when you rotate the device?


Also layouts are specific to a screen size. If your bandmates' devices have different screen sizes, your layouts won't appear for them by default. If the screen sizes are close, like a 9.7" iPad compared to a 10.5" iPad, you can copy the layout on the other device and adjust it for that screen size. If the screen sizes aren't close, like an iPad compared to an iPhone, it will usually be easier to make a new layout for that screen size.

(Revola's help ticket showed an attempt to view an iPad layout on an iPhone.)