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Replacing a user with another user, have the ability to add\remove future events

Started by rsissons, April 05, 2018, 03:01:47 PM

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I searched and read Arlo's reply on inactivating a user to add a new one because BH won't let you delete a user tied to a past event. While that is easy enough to understand, who would I associate the new user to all of the future upcoming events without editing each one individually. In the same token, How would I remove the user that left from the future events.

I can imagine this happening quite often with bands with members leaving last minute and having to replace them on all future events. Why is there not a bulk 'add user to event', 'remove user from event'?
Either that or when you Inactivate a user, have an option to remove them from all future events they have been associated with. Same with when you add a new user, have the option to add them to future events.

What do you think?


This hasn't come up before, but it makes sense. I'll add a batch update option to add and remove users to my to do list.

Meanwhile, if you leave the old user assigned to events but deactivate the user, that user won't receive any notifications for those events.


The event list page on the website now includes options to batch add and remove users.