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Recording Controls

Started by platu, March 07, 2016, 10:40:43 AM

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I make heavy use of the recording controls for slowing down music to aid in transcribing.  The one thing missing is the ability to easily jump backwards/forwards in a recording a predefined number of seconds.  I know that loop points can be set, but it still makes navigating a recording difficult using the playback slider.  I have been trying to eliminate the use of the slow down apps I have been using for years, but I find myself going back to these apps due to this one missing feature.  Dragging the playback slider in SLM is just not accurate enough for this.  May I suggest adding 2 skip buttons on either side of the loop begin/end buttons?   Ideally, the jump/skip duration could be user defined in settings, but if that is not possible, than I find a 1 second skip duration to be the best default duration.  It's a key feature of transcription software and slowdown apps, and your Recording Controls are just so close to providing the minimum functionality to replace the need for the other apps.


Good idea, I'll try to work that into the next feature release in the coming months.


Thank you very much for considering the feature. 

I have to say that I'm quite amazed at how deep the feature set is, especially the ability to customize the app so uniquely for each user.  To be able to layout my own views is priceless.  I love having access to everything I typically do with a song on one screen that I'm also able to layout precisely based on the way I work.

While I don't want to push my luck asking for too much, the only other thing I find a little cumbersome is having to jump completely out of my show view/custom layout of a song to be able to utilize the Open In feature.  While in my custom view of a specific song, I find I often need to edit a recording, video (I slow down videos in other apps), or other document using another app.  Maybe when clicking the multiple document button or multiple recording button, when you display the popup to choose the document/video/recording, if you press and hold the specific item for a moment, the Open In option could appear.  That would feel intuitive for me at least. As it stands now, I need to exit my song, navigate all the way back to documents or recordings, and then figure out which item I need to Open In from a huge list of entries.  I just figured I'd offer up maybe a simpler way of doing this.


I'm glad you like the custom layouts. I'll add the idea to edit or "open in" documents or recordings from the show view to my wish list, but I think there are natural limits to how much editing you would be able to do from there. It's good to not burden the performance part of the app with things you would never use during a performance.

If you want to make other requests that aren't related to the recording skip buttons, please start a new thread. That makes it easier to make further comments on each separate topic.


Will do.  I guess it's because I spend as much time or even more time in that portion of the app during practice than performance.  Anyway, thanks again.


The new app version released today includes skip forward and skip back buttons in the recording controls, with a time configurable at Settings > Audio & MIDI > Recording Skip Amount.

All the new features are listed here: