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Recording Waveform View?

Started by dsnooc, June 16, 2018, 08:53:58 AM

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During band practice with my cover band, I'm in charge of playing/stopping/looping/slowing down, etc. the reference recording of the song we're working on. Being able to quickly respond to requests like "hey, can I hear the intro to the second verse again?" makes practice much more productive and keeps us focused. I've been using an app called MimiCopy on the iPad for that for years, and I bounce back and forth between that app and BH as necessary. The reason I use a separate app rather than just use the recording features in BH is because I can see a picture of the waveform in Mimicopy and I can tell just by looking at it where the different sections of a song are so I can quickly move the playback point straight there without any hunting. Given that BH already has the rehearsal functions I need, like tuning, speed, loop, etc it ALMOST there... The lack of a visual display of the waveform, though, makes it just too frustrating to use for me. So Arlo, my question is - could you optionally display a small graph of the recording waveform in the recording playback section (don't even need a stereo view) and give the playback point a vertical line and handle to allow fine movement? This would be a killer addition to rehearsal workflow.  Thanks.


This is on my wish list and I'll add a vote for you.