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How can I use BH to project lyrics onto a screen above stage?

Started by Erawal, June 17, 2018, 12:13:39 AM

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Please forgive me in advance if this is a dumb question:  I have been a happy BandHelper user for years, but have thus far used it mainly as a personal lyrics repository and database — I don't have experience with its more advanced capabilities.

I will be helping lead an audience participation singalong in a couple of months, and have been asked if I can find a way to call up lyrics on my iPad or laptop and then project them (ideally in a font that's large enough for the audience to read — so that probably means scrolling) onto a screen above the stage. 

All the lyrics I need are already in BandHelper.  But  I have never used (and don't know how to use) the scrolling function, AND I don't understand whether it's possible (and whether it's easy) to somehow use the iPad or laptop connect to a projector or otherwise get the lyrics to display on a screen.

Can anyone kindly advise me on how to do this, and which tutorials might be helpful for me?  I need some easy to follow basic instructions.   Thanks for any suggestions/instructions. 

— erawal


For autoscrolling, you can follow these written instructions:

Or watch this video:

For the external display, the entire screen will be mirrored by default, but you can change Settings > General Settings > External Display > Content to Document to show only the document or lyrics.