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Constant Crash

Started by Ruckman65, June 19, 2018, 03:16:30 PM

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On my iPad Air, when I open BH, the Sync icon flashes for a second or so then stops. After about another five seconds, BH throws me back to the desktop. It is still running in the background but I can get no further than that. Any advice?

I have closed the iPad and restarted with no success. All is working on my other two iPads without an issue.   


If I click on the Sync icon quickly enough then cancel the Sync and turn off auto sync, it works. But, as soon as I click on Sync Now again, it locks up and crashes back to the desktop.


Just as an aside, it had been working fine until today. I had already updated the iOS and BH.


Please submit a help ticket so I can gather more info about your device: