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Set List in Alphabetical Order?

Started by Mamalu, June 23, 2018, 02:08:10 PM

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I use my set list more like sublists for my whole repertoire. I cannot find a way to display my set lists in simple alphabetical order. There isn't either a search button in setlists. I am aware of Smart Lists but don't know how to apply this to what I need.

I am aware that set lists are supposed to be a specific order of songs, but it is impossible for me to use it that way.

Thank you for any help!


To use a smart list, you could add a tag or custom field to your songs to show which song should appear in which list. Then create a smart list for each grouping of songs, which filters by that tag or custom field, and sorts by title.

To use a set list, you could add all the songs you want to the set list, then on the Edit Songs page, click the "more options" (three dots) button on the set heading and select Sort By Field > Title.

The advantage of a smart list is that it will automatically add the songs as you edit your tags or custom fields, and will automatically sort when you display it.


That is fantastic!

I am very happy I asked. This is the app that just keeps on giving.



I'd actually love to see a search field in the actual Setlist. Most of the time in a long setlist I need to quickly locate a song and see where it is positioned within the setlist. A Smartlist in alphabetical order is not that helpful in this case.