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Displaying Page Buttons on top of PDF Songs...

Started by kenardo, June 12, 2018, 08:53:30 PM

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This may have been addressed elsewhere, but I couldn't find it!!

I use PDF's for all my songs & some are 2 or more pages...
I use iRig Blue Turn & it usually works great...

But, occasionally it looses connection in the middle of a song??? ... I've tried adding page buttons... but when I open the PDF's full page the buttons are covered... is there a setting that forces the button to display on top of the PDF... So I can switch pages with them??? I sometimes have to switch pages backwards and forward several times in a song...  Thanks, ken


Instead of opening the documents in full-screen, you can create a layout that fills or almost fills the screen, then put your page buttons next to or on top of the document. This video walks you through that:


Is there another setting for having the page buttons 1 & 2 to be able to switch back & forth??

I only seem to be able to move from page 1 to page 2 ??

My PDF's are (merged 2 page) PDF's ??



Pressing 1 should take you to page 1 and pressing 2 should take you to page 2, in any order. If you're having a problem with that, please submit a help ticket:


Follow-UP: Thanks Arlo this solved the Problem...

If you change the document to Fit to Height, it should stay that way until you change it back.

Anyway, I think the problem is that you sized your document viewer to ALMOST but a little bit more than the height of one page, and that extra is within the fudge factor built into the page height calculations. So another option would be to edit your layout and make the document viewer about 1/8" or 3/16" shorter.

But the Fit to Height option is cleaner because it will try to resize your document to fit exactly one page.