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Midi CC not being sent from preset

Started by megahertz, July 01, 2018, 06:13:45 PM

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Hi. Sorry, as usual, if this has been covered or is in the wrong place. I searched for a while...

I have a MIDI preset that sends program changes to both my devices and is supposed to send a control change to the second device. See the attachment. When I select a song the uses this preset, both  program change messages are sent but not the control change. I verified this on the activity log and also was able to tap the interface and see the same on Midi-Ox.

What might be up? Thanks in advance.

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Please go to Settings > Audio & MIDI and look at MIDI Preset Order. Is "Control Changes" listed there? If not, click that and then click Save and it should be added.


Yes, Control Changes are second on that list right after Program Changes.  I appears that the MIDI presets order pop-up is just for changing the order of what gets sent, not to enable/disable them. Am I missing something?


Would still like to know the answer here, but for now I'm working around it with the CC messages coded into the raw MIDI section. Seems to be working.


Oops, spoke too soon. With the control changes coded as Raw MIDI, they are shown on the Activity Log, but they're not being sent to the device (not seen on Midi-OX monitoring the wire and no expected response from device). BTW, program changes are effective and seen on Midi-OX so we can rule out that particular pilot error.


Yes, the popup is only for changing the order and all the components should always be listed, but in some cases apps that updated from an earlier version didn't get the newer components, in which case opening and closing that list would reset it.

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