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Can SLM database be transferred to BH?

Started by wodehouse, July 05, 2018, 08:58:42 AM

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Hello - I bought a year subscription to BandHelper today for Rep only.

I thought I'd be able to export all the work (database) I'd done with SLM over the last year to BandHelper.

Is this not possible? Do I have to start all over again with BH?

There 'appears' to be an option in SLM that supposedly allows you to email the SLM database to yourself.

However, when the 'Export to BandHelper' email opens up, it will not let you add any email address in the TO field.

Is there another way of doing this? Or do I need to spend the next few days doing it all again in BH?



Found another option to Export database from SLM to BH.

When I do this, it states the database has been exported and now available in BH.

But where is it? It doesn't show up in BH. Every field /category is still empty.



Please see the second to last FAQ on this page:

When the Export to BandHelper email opens, does it show a return address? If not, it sounds like you need to set up an email account on your device so you can send messages. If so, you might just have to click around in the TO field to find the clickable area, which isn't the entire empty area.