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Two Noob Question....

Started by LreGro89, July 07, 2018, 02:58:16 AM

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Hello there, i'm a new user of BandHelper and i have two question for you:
1- Why when i paste the text with chords in the "text" box in  songs section the text it's not allineated like in the doc file? can i fix this?
2- If i pay BH for 3 month and before my account will be eliminated can i backup all the songs and when i have to use it again can i restore the backup? Everything will be in the same way when i leave it?


1) Can you post a screen shot showing what you're asking about?

2) You can export your projects as data files and you can export your documents and recordings as zip files and then reload them later, but recreating your account after it expires is not the purpose of these functions, so there are no guarantees that everything would be identical afterwards. If you pay for an account and it expires, I won't delete it for two years, so if you renew again in that time you won't have to do anything else.