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Access to multiple MIDI buttons on full screen doc

Started by IGotTwoHands, July 18, 2018, 02:53:18 PM

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Hello Arlo and forum: I've been using Set List Maker for several years as a keyboard player in cover bands and it works great. I have a huge database (500+) of songs and PDF charts and also two banks of MIDI presets I use to control my Motif-Rack XS.

What I'm wondering: is there any way to have some visibility of multiple MIDI buttons when the document is displayed at full screen? I'm imagining some sort of "ghost layer" or something like the "buttons" feature of ForScore.

Also acceptable would be a small "margin row" of MIDI buttons at the top.

I tried to create a layout with a very large (almost full screen) document un-zoomed and the song list as a background layer but it didn't work, it covered the document.

I saw the video pertaining to using Show View to access the "Document only" layout which sounded like it might work; however, I did not see this layout in current app versions. Also, I would need to somehow have every song in the DB in the "show" - I never know what they're gonna throw at me :-*

Thanks for any assistance. App version 5.2.12, iPad pro 12.9"


You were on the right track with the "almost full screen" layout. In that case, the song list will cover the other items, but you can hide and show it as needed. This video demonstrates that:

The layout called "Document Only" in older tutorials is called "Big Lyrics" in recent app versions.

If you want to access any song in your database from the set list view, you can use a smart list: