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Users see more than they actually should

Started by dr_rollo, August 02, 2018, 05:02:43 AM

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Very glad to see that now the additional option 'Added data' has been implemented! Thanks for it  :D

I just created a new user, give him access to one project. Then I assign him all documents (~60) which he need and should see and get synchronized to his device. Then I logged on with this user on his device, started the synchronization and I'm wondering why he see items not supposed to be displayed.
1. all songs of this project were displayed including the none active (what he can not change anyway)
2. all 700 documents of this project, which are not synchronized (of course), but documents he neither cannot access nor add to one of the songs

Maybe just a wish for future updates: limiting access to setlists


Please submit a help ticket, then I can access your data and answer your questions: