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More different lyrics fields

Started by Uwe, August 05, 2018, 12:52:57 AM

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It would be of great help to have more than one lyrics field in songs.
I have the case that musicians are refusing to use BH because the chords are above the scrolling lyrics because they are accustomed to have the chords line per line above the lyrics.

So, one thing I can image is to have more than one scrolling lyrics field and select which one to use for this user.

Or am I missing something, any other ideas?



These users can turn on Settings > Account Sync > Personal Sync > Lyrics, then edit the songs and put whatever setup they want into the Personal Lyrics field. Then that will display when they view the songs. They'll also have to click the document tools button in the set list view and select Hide Chords Field to hide the chords you've entered into that field.