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Bandhelper App Shortcuts/URL Scheme

Started by tonyt, August 12, 2018, 11:38:11 PM

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Is it possible to do the opposite of,1216.0.html using a `bandhelper://` url?




Do you mean to open BandHelper from another app? Yes.


Cool, what is the url scheme?

I'd like to embed something like the following in an email/slack message so I can direct people to exactly the place they need to look at:

Please review the list of songs for next rehearsal at:
# or

### or

Can you check the lyrics of:
# or


The URL scheme is bandhelper. There's no direct link to a song. You can send a link to a set list by going to the set list details page, clicking Send Update With Comment and entering a comment. Then a message will be sent to each user with a link. Depending on the user's notification settings, this will either be an email message with a link to the set list on the website, or an SMS or in-app message with a link to the set list in the app.

If you want to manually generate a link to the set list in the app, you can write bandhelper://set_list/[ID] and get the ID from the URL of the website page. However, this isn't really supported because the format could change in future versions.