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MIDI Clock logging (or not...)

Started by iguana, October 27, 2019, 03:33:09 PM

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Is there a way to have an option to turn off logging of MIDI Beat Clock messages? Both send and receive?  When beat clock is going, those messages really clog up the activity log and make it hard to see what else is going on in MIDI land.

And, I don't know if there's any performance issues to consider with having a large MIDI log. I had the beat clock going for about 4 continuous hours earlier this week, and there was some visibly erratic behavior going on with both the screen metronome as well as my Helix's tempo light. I stopped the BH tempo, cleared the activity log, and restarted BH tempo and the erratic-ness went away. Happened again this morning, although only after 2 hours...

Note that this was with the beat clock being reflected back to BH by something in my MIDI forest. I need to track that down, shouldn't be happening, dunno if that contributes to the erratic behavior. Even if I filter that out at my MIDI interface, there's still a lot of "Sending data [F8,...]" messages in the BH activity log, though.




No, there's not an option to turn off the logging of MIDI Beat Clock messages. I don't think that would be a good idea because then any time someone has a problem with that function, we'd have to verify if their logging is turned on, etc. A better option is to temporarily turn off the beat clock function if you want to use the log to troubleshoot something else.

I don't think "too much logging" would create a problem, because the log is limited to 40 entries (older entries automatically go away when the 40-item buffer fills up).

Stopping the beat clock messages from going back into BandHelper would help. Stopping the tempo between songs might also help, if by "continuous" you mean that you're switching from one song to the next without the tempo function ever stopping.


Yes, "continuous" means it did not get turned off between songs. I will program my footswitch with a start/stop tempo button and have my MIDI interface filter out beat clock messages going to BH.


Okay. If you can test one change at a time, then we'll know which if either of those two conditions was causing the problem.