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Recordings - streamlining workflow

Started by JerryK, September 10, 2018, 04:46:53 AM

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I'd like the means to change key (maybe pitch as well) on the Practice layout.  It's a shame to have to go to Recordings to edit.
This layout is used mostly when working on a new song, when the final key may not be decided yet.
Maybe it could also change with #/b but independently is a must.  Lock/unlock?

Also, on the Recording Edit page, it is not very obvious how to audition a changed pitch/key.  I had selected/re-selected the song (and others) several times before hearing my edit correctly.  Your Help helped after a few more attempts.  The key to success may have been waiting for the swirly thing to swirl a couple of times before again pressing the Recording button.  Unclear.


Changing the pitch from the set list view is on my wish list and I'll add a vote for you.

To preview pitch changes from the Recordings list, in the current app version you can click the manual save button in the bottom toolbar, instead of reselecting the recording. But you do need to wait for the Recordings list to reload, in either case, so the playback button gets updated with the new pitch.


Still hopeful.
I bet I can't add another vote - haha