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1Chart app for Nashville Numbering System charts

Started by arlo, September 11, 2018, 08:40:58 AM

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A BandHelper user just pointed me to 1Chart, an iOS app focused on creating charts using the Nashville Numbering System. You can write basic NNS or Roman numeral charts directly in BandHelper, but 1Chart has a lot of built-in formatting options and special characters to show rhythm and other details.

1Chart is designed to integrate nicely with other apps, so after building a chart there, you can export it as a PDF into BandHelper, then attach the PDF to a song in BandHelper. Once you've done that, the PDF will sync to all the devices in your band automatically.

Like with all attached documents, if you want to edit the document later, you'd need to go back to 1Chart to make your edits, then export to BandHelper again, then attach it to the song again. (If you skip the last step, the updated file will appear on your device, but won't sync to the other devices in your band.)


1Chart is a nice app and has a few features that would be great to have in BH. Mainly the ability to better align chords and add underlines for split bars and basic rhythmic notation. Sort of expanding on your current method of using commas and hyphens.

I think 1Chart does this via options for how many columns represent the chord layout. Then each column acts like a measure. The chords live in a virtual grid which may help align them. Kind of similar to how you can layout lyrics in bandhelper using two column. Adding the ability to apply 4, 6, or 8 columns to the chords layout. Then instead of using commas, the chords are now separated out by the virtual grid.

You can see how this looks from the link below.

And regarding the underlines and rhythmic notation. A good example is the TA section of the song, the split bar for the G D chords has three ticks above G and one above D to show the quarter notes.

Anyway, not looking for BH to do everything 1Chart does, just basic alignment, underlines, and rhythmic notation for the chord layout section (it's easier on my eyes).