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Soundlist for Midi-Presets for Rack-Synth

Started by Nordi, September 12, 2018, 05:03:45 AM

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The problem was my Motif Rack es/xs. A lot of sounds and wich sound is the best for the new song?? The Motif have his home in a 19" rack, so i have to go down to the earth with my old knees...

- So i build 127 new Midi-Presets, one for each sound of the performance preset bank, called ,,Motif 127"
- now i make one song include all this 127 new Midi-Presets
- i build a new Setlist with just one song, called ,,Motif"
- i build a new screne only for my ,,Motif" Setlist

The Motif works on Midi chanel 2. Other Synths works on different channels. So every ,,Motif" Midi preset send only a sigal on channel 2 to the Motif. Now i can put every Synth to the sound i want and switch only the Motif from sound to sound until i find the best!


This is just for previewing sounds, right? So you could also just select them from the MIDI Presets list. But the currently selected preset wouldn't highlight from there like it does in your layout.

One other tip is to name all the presets with three-digit numbers, like 005, 020 and 125. Then they will always sort numerically.


Yes, its only for prewieing AND testing with the other synth sounds in kontext. So i can play a new song with the band and it is possible to change the sound meanwhile we play it (not live on stage!). If i find the best sound for the song, i will remember the sound (midipreset) and add it to the song sheet for live working.

I think about the three digit number followed by the clear names from the Motif. In case of that it is more easy to find the correct type of sound i want.