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Setlist - Duration (per set)

Started by themetallikid, July 23, 2019, 08:08:22 PM

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So I loved that with my full band I can add songs durations and when constructing a setlist I can really make sure I dont add more than I need to or make sure that we stay on track during the performance...

However, when doing an acoustic setlist for this thursday, its saying the number of songs per set is correct, but the times are grossly off. 

its showing set 1 as 20 songs/165 minutes, set 2 14 songs/118 minutes, sets 3/4 are just extra runoff lists for me...but the total of the whole setlist shows 34 songs at 4 hours 53 minutes.   

Damn I got some solos to extend, lol.....any idea whats different?


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