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How important are the text alignment options?

Started by arlo, September 18, 2018, 11:09:39 AM

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How important are the text alignment options for individual lines of lyrics?

I never change the lyrics alignment.
10 (100%)
I like to change the alignment, but I would rather do that at the layout level (center all lyrics).
0 (0%)
I sometimes align individual lines, but it's no big deal.
0 (0%)
I will hate you if you remove the ability to align individual lines.
0 (0%)

Total Members Voted: 10


I'm considering removing the text alignment (left / center / right) options from the Lyrics and Chords field and replacing them with a layout-level alignment setting. This would free up space in the formatting toolbar for new options (like undo/redo and a possible ChordPro auto-format function). It would also make it easier for people who want all their lyrics centered, and would allow that to be a personal preference from one band member to another.

Does that seem like a good trade? Or will you be upset if this capability goes away?

Looking at the current account data, practically no songs use right alignment, and of the song that use centering, most use it on the entire song text.


I would love an auto-indent after a line-wrap, which would work at any text size. It's not practical to do manually. Just two characters would be great. One, at a push.


Quote from: JerryK on September 18, 2018, 01:55:17 PM
I would love an auto-indent after a line-wrap
Line-wraps should also split the chords when embedded chords are rendered above the text. Now you first get two lines of chords, then two lines of text.


I prefer everything aligned left so I aways know where to put my eye.


Yesterday's version 4.0 release removes the alignment buttons from the song edit pages, and adds alignment options at the layout level. This means you can switch alignments globally by switching layouts, or some users can use a centered layout if they prefer it without needing to add centering to all the individual songs.