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Export / Import

Started by Phil, September 21, 2018, 06:50:07 AM

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I needed to get 350 songs moved to another account.  We mostly use the Lyrics window rather than documents so we can transpose on the fly for the singers.  I wrote a small PHP script that converts the file that BandHelper exports (from the Song export, not Document) into the format expected by BH for song import.  The export file had both a Lyrics field and a LyricsHTML field.  I noticed that when using the "Lyrics" field I lost most of the carriage returns and the charts where unreadable.  Oddly, they had a few '\n's here and there, but most were gone.  But using the LyricsHTML field worked great.  I didn't convert the '<br />'s to \n or anything.  So now I'm happy I have all 350 charts correctly displayed in the Lyrics window of my new account.


Okay, I've never tested that or tried it myself, but I'm glad you got it working.

Another option would be to export an entire project from the Account > Export page, then import into a new project in the new account with the Account > Import page. Then assign all the songs from this newly imported project to your existing project using the batch update function on the Songs page. Then delete the newly imported project to dispose of anything other than songs that were imported.


Oh, thanks.  I didn't notice the Export and Import under ACCOUNTS.  That's a better way to do it.