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Server maintenance-schedule

Started by pheldal, May 28, 2018, 12:44:24 AM

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Are there particular times when users should expect the server to be slow or not responding?

I often edit a lot in the morning (GMT+1) in preparation  for practise or performance in the afternoon/evening and often find the server to be very slow or not responding. It seems to be the worst on weekends, Sundays in particular (9-11am or so), which often are the days with most activity for me. Most of the time I use the web-interface as it is much more efficient to use a proper computer when there is a lot to edit. At times it takes 5 minutes or more to get a response, or there is a browser-session timeout. Whenever there is a problem I check connectivity to the server. The TCP-handshake completes immediately, but the server fails to respond timely to queries.  That rules out network-problems and points to server performance being the issue. At times there are also similar issues with the banhelper app. Again it points to server issues. I've been running my network through a mirroring switch attached to a protocol analyser and the analysis show that network connections are established quickly, but that the server takes very long to respond to queries.


The database backs up at midnight, 8 am and 4 pm Pacific time, and runs a cleanup at midnight. Midnight in the Pacific time zone corresponds to 9 am in your time zone, so that could be the problem. However, the backup finishes in 3-4 minutes, so any performance hit should be over soon.

Anyway, I just moved the cleanup an hour later so it's not running at the same time as the backup.

The busiest times for user activity are Friday afternoons.


Struggling badly with the web-interface this morning (using MacOS 10.13.4 with updated Chrome and Safari browsers). I've been struggling for a couple hours so this isn't just a 4-5min backup-thing getting in the way.

  • Tried to edit a song through the web-interface. Changing key and transposing the chords in the lyrics-field. The browser hangs on save. The network session seem stuck somehow and the browser need restart to get anything response from Other websites work fine
  • Checking previous changes after restarting browser. Changes saved despite the previous tcp-session being stuck. Now try to register a new song.  Same symptom.
  • Using Safari instead of chrome. Same symptom.Whether changes are saved or not before the session getting stuck is random
  • The previously added song was saved according to the web-interface, but according to bandhelper on my Samsung tablet it is nowhere to be found despite successful manual sync

Why doesn't a song that is visible in the web-interface appear in the app? Are we dealing with a distributed database with multiple copies that are not immediately synchronized?


Since yesterday the performance of the web interface is very slow. It needs a couple of minutes to built up the song or the documents page. Also switching between projects is very slow. It seems that it's a little bit faster when logging on with a different user who have assigned less songs and documents as me as the administrator of my bandhelper account. Is my database too big? It contains 4 projects, the biggest project has 346 songs, 712 documents, 105 recordings, 250 midi presets.


Do you have any of the Personal Sync settings turned on, on the Settings > Account Sync page? That wll slow down the display of any song-related page on the website.


You're right, I've had selected some of the sync options, don't know why. Turned it off seems to increase the performance indeed.